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Monaco is a sovereign city-state located on the French Riviera in Western Europe. France borders it on three sides and one side borders the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second smallest and the most densely populated country in the world.

the kitchen art CO” IN MONACO

It’s mild climate, village like charm, splendid scenery, and gambling facilities have contributed to Monaco’s status as a premier tourist destination and recreation centre for the rich and famous. There is no income tax and being a tax haven many billionaires have built their homes. Continue reading

Sikandalous Cuisine – Puneet Sikand – The Kitchen Art Co. A Review

A few days ago I was over at a friends for dinner, we must have been 50 of us partying in the magical settings of her beautiful lawn and warm home. While it’s always great fun to hang with friends what made everything perfect was the excellent food and service that evening .The pass arounds caught my palate – excellent Mutton Pathar Kabas , Goan Spiced Prawns ( not very Goan , but excellent ) ,and melt in the mouth kakoris . I stuck with the non veterinarian options probably because I knew Navratras were on the next day !


Dinner was exceptional . I had pigged out on the snacks but that has never held me back …Mutton Chops and Taar meat were fabulous as was the old fashioned Butter Chicken. Fish Moiley I was indifferent to , but the Chettinad Chicken more than made up for that .Egg Chili Appams , Veg Stew and Paneer Dahi Khurchan Fry again superb stuff . Moradabadi dal , Hydrabadi Mirchi Ka Salan and Kathal Biryani were delicious. I loved , absolutely loved the Paratha Station specially the Keema and unda Parathas . Milk Cake Khurchan was a winner all the way .
A perfect meal with exceptional service , both at the bar and while serving made my friends party a big success . Puneet Sikand excelled himself that evening – his food has always been consistently superb , and that evening he once again rose to the occasion . I think seriously he is one of the best today as he has been for a long time.
In case you are wondering – we aren’t related !

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