Catering at the City Palace – Jaipur

The Royal family of Jaipur recently celebrated Maharani Padmini Devi’s 71st birthday with great pomp and show. The event was organized at the City Palace -Jaipur in a traditional Rajasthani style and was adorned with royalties as esteemed guests dressed in their traditional attires.

The entire palace was beautifully lit up and decorated for the ceremonious occasion and “The Kitchen Art Co” prepared a special menu with a lavishly spread buffet to add to the celebrations.

Rains, though played a spoilt sport later in the evening due to which food service had to be halted for a while. Some were overheard saying “God has showered his profound blessings upon the Maharaniji:)

Some memories of the event below!!

Pratap Chowk getting dressed for the evening


Buffet Being Set Up in the afternoon



All Set to Roll !! For Service



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