Catering in the beautiful city of Budapest! (14th, 15th, 16thAugust 2015)


Cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest’s extensive world heritage sites includes the banks of river Danube, the Buda castle, Andrassy Avenue, Heroes square& Millennium Underground Railway, the second oldest metro line in the world. It has an old world charm; cobbled streets and most of the buildings are a piece of art.


We were very fortunate to have our base located right behind the famous Buda castle. La fiesta catering company was our event logistic handler and they bent backwards in assisting our day-to-day requirements. They were very professional and understood our needs as they do similar caterings in Europe.


Tandoors out of their box ready to be pressed into service.


Chapli kebab” sliders in production line for the welcome dinner after party.

Chef Manoj taking charge on the first day


Chef Harish lights the fire to start his three days nonstop cooking for all occasions


Chef Mukesh initiates all the mis-en-place and marinating.


WELCOME DINNER at Ethnographic Department of the Hungarian National Museum founded in 1872


Believe me who ever enters this museum will be awe struck with its magnificence and grandeur.

Cooking is not allowed in this premise. Therefore, we had to prepare all the food in our base kitchen and hand it over to Kempinski Hotel staff as they are the only vendor who are permitted to cater in this museum.


The mehendi ceremony was at a restaurant called “KIOSK” near the famous old bridge connecting “Buda” with “Pest”

It was a chat on a hot day



The famous black Hungarian goulash containers to serve our chat


Guests being welcomed with chilled champagne


A caravan was converted into a chat ki “Dukan”


Chole Bhuture in Budapest. Chef Ram Naresh serving bhatura under the blistering sun.



With over a hundred locomotives on display, an old shed where all the steam engines were housed was converted into a beautiful colorful cocktail venue.



Inside a dining car of one of the trains on display


Calm before the storm, the Kempinski team spearheaded by a very knowledgeable and experienced executive chef “ Hoffman” from Austria (extreme left). It was a pleasure working with him and sharing culinary history of Budapest dating back the mongolian era.

Who is taller ?? fun moments !


Sanju kumar, Sharad Dahiya, Jai & Prasoon pal pose for a photo


Finishing touches being given to the dining area in the loco shed


The lazer dancers dazzled the evening with their energetic dance viewed by the guests in darkness. I have never seen something like this in my life.

Our Indian food & lobsters were appreciated by one and all. The party went on till dawn.


With the exquisite Buda castle in the backdrop, the wedding ceremony was held on 16th. While the ceremony was in progress the rain God threatened with a clap of thunder and menacing dark clouds.

The venue was beautifully decorated and food area was thankfully covered.

Reception venue “Lion’s court in the Buda Castle.


As the guest descended from the mandap to the reception area, hell broke loose! It was a downpour that nobody could imagine.The complete venue was washed out and everybody scrambled into the covered dining area, which thankfully held the fury of nature.

Although most of the guests ate in this chaos, I felt sad and helpless for the couple Akhil & Biswa and their parents who planned everything meticulously… But still the bride & groom had the courage to smile and find time to send me this “sms” which really moved me and all I could say from my heart to this lovely newly married couple is “God Bless You Both”.

Dear Puneet

Just wanted to say – the quality of the food was absolutely spectacular – and every one of my friends said they hadn’t tried better Indian food in my life. The lobster on the sangeet was out of this world, the kaali daal spectacular and the lamb I had at the castle – I didn’t even know such taste existed! Honestly – good food is the key to people’s happiness and the food excelled in every way. Thanks once again and I am very happy we chose kitchen art for the catering! You were actually getting mentioned in my speech because of how delicious food was but the speech ended up getting rained off!

Anyhow – thanks once again”Akhil and Bissy

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