Memorable catering in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is one of Asia’s most popular beach destinations, attracting tourists from all over the world for its spectacular scenery, stunning tropical forests and warm blue seas. It is also home to some leading world class resorts and hotels which offer the best in luxury and hospitality.

A perfect combination – which makes Phuket a preferred choice for a memorable ‘destination wedding’

The Kitchen Art Company was recently commissioned for one such destination wedding…. at the “Banyan Tree Hotel” Phuket!! …. The first Punjabi wedding to be held at this hotel..

The Banyan Tree Phuket is a remarkable place. But hosting an event here had its own challenges.

Since it’s a large hotel, all supplies had to be moved from the base to the celebration area in electric buggies.. and it was a nightmare….extremely time consuming and required exhaustive coordination.

It would sometimes take ages for supplies to reach their designated areas…but gladly we managed !!

Some memories below of the event !!

Electric carts running on paved pathways – the fastest mode of getting around and transporting stuff


A snap shot of our kitchen team at the base before getting down for some serious work which would last for four days.


And work finally begins…


Welcome dinner site at the hotels’ private beach. Mr. Sikand with executive chef David Hamilton and Chef Poon, waiting for the showers to pass by.


Outdoor barbecue eventually lit after the rains


Colorful lunch at the poolside


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